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On Sundays at Golden Circle Church, I sit and admire your gorgeous window. Your "Energy Flow" is almost a sermon in itself. Do you know how much we appreciate you? How fortunate to have found you to do the glass design! You are a wonderfully talented designer. Thank you.
June Solow
You have an amazing ability to deal with all sorts of personalities and demands. I honor that grace within you for patience, trust, clarity and clear direction. I saw those gifts in operation within you many times, under duress, under easy going times and just generally showing up in your professionalism. You are a really neat woman, and I know that life will continue to support you in following your dreams.
Reverend Elizabeth O'Day
Thank you for such beautiful windows!! I am so thrilled with the door glass and extra-large transom that you designed and created for us. You were so patient during the design process; I couldn't have asked for a better partner in the process.... The window catches the light and sends prisms of light across the hallway in the morning. It is just gorgeous! The entryway downstairs is no longer a dark hole to walk into each morning.... I really love my new windows and plan on enjoying them for many, many years to come. Thanks again for all your hard work and your expert craftsmanship.
Robb and Tami Gray