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Meet Stained Glass Artist Mary Ann Celinder

Mary Ann’s  fascination with glass began as a child sneaking peaks at the rose window in church. Among other hand crafts, at sixteen she began to paint on glass. Pursuing a love of literature, she received her B.A. in English from Cal State Fullerton in 1976.  In her senior year, a course in stained glass opened her eyes to a new direction.

“I was hooked as soon as I completed my first window and knew this would be my life’s work. I feel very lucky to make a living doing something I love.”

Taking additional art classes and learning how to draw for stained glass was the next step. Mary Ann also worked for two local studios. One studio did restoration work for auction houses which provided valuable lessons about window failure. She fabricated at another studio when they were pressed for a deadline. Working for them reaffirmed her desire to create her own designs and choose materials.

Most of the studio’s work is in private homes and restaurants throughout the Southland. Mary Ann always works directly with the clients throughout the design phase and glass selection. We also turn to glass artist friends for fabrication help as needed. Thanks to repeat clients and references from related businesses, commissions have been steady for many years.

Celinder’s Glass Design is an Affiliate of the Stained Glass Association of America. Mary Ann is a founding member of the International Guild of Glass Artists.